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04.07.2008 we send about 900 letters receive after 12.01.2008 till today.
12.01.2008 Till today we send more than 23000 letters. Also we upload complete N8S LOG on LoTW. If somebody not receive QSL card direct he can send email and we send QSL via bureau.
20.12.2007 Till now we send 21500 letters.
11.11.2007 we send about 1500 letters receive after 19.10.2007 till today.
19.10.2007 all cards received till October 15 we allredy send. Till now we send 19500 letters.
24.09.2007 all cards received till September 20 we allredy send. Till now we send 17600 letters.
09.08.2007 today we mailed new 1500 QSL cards received between August 1-8.
02.08.2007 today we mailed all received N8S QSL cards request's till August 1st. Till now we send 16000 letters. All cards received in August will be sent in the September. Please wait 15-20 days and after that send email if U have question about QSL cards. TNX.
16.07.2007. received 400 QSL cards, and mailed new 1000 QSL cards.
12.07.2007. mailed new 1300 QSL cards.
06.07.2007. received 800 QSL cards, and mailed new 2300 QSL cards.
23.06.2007. till now total received 8500 QSL cards, and yesterday we mailed new 1000 QSL cards.

15.06.2007. tll now received 8000 QSL cards
15.06.2007. mailed 1500 QSL cards.

Today, 08.06.2007 we mailed first 1000 N8S QSL cards. Other cards will be mailed in next 30 days.
N8S LOG is ganged and if You have any question contact LOG master Vel, YZ1BX
QSL is in the print and will be finished June, 2th 2007. Distribution will be start June, 5th 2007. Till now we receive 6000 QSL requests.

Swains Island DX-Pedition 2007
Update 4/2/07, 9:30 AM
First, I want to thank all organizations and amateur radio operators who have donated to the Swains Island DX-pedition - N8S. If you have not donated and want to, please go to our website at: http://www.yt1ad.info/n8s/index.html
All equipment has been loaded on the boat. We are in the process of having operator personal luggaged moved from Hotel to Boat as I write.
We have decided to purchase two additional 5K to 6K generators to ensure we have proper back-up. They'll cost us additional $1k each here on American Samoa.
Our team of international operators have arrived safely and are ready to serve the DX-Community with pride.
We will depart American Samoa at 1:00 PM today, April 2. We expect the boat ride to take approx. 30 hours.
Last evening, our team had a review meeting to discuss any concerns and to obtain any addition items deemed necessary by team members. The main issue was getting additional generators.
We expect to get the first station on the air within 2 hours after arriving on the island, April 3. Our team will work through the night to get all antennas and equipment up and running by the end of April 3, 2007.
If you have any special request, visit our Guest log on the web site to make your comments or sugguestions.
These comments will be reviewed with our pilot stations at 6:00 PM each day local time and also 8:00 AM in the morning when QSO logs will be sent for updating to the web site.
We do have a sat phone and will be checking spots. Please be kind. :) Our goal is to make the DX-community happy and server them well.
We look forward to seeing everyone from the island.
David Collingham - K3LP
Swains Co-Leader

April 1st, 2007
Toaday N8S team haved FCC examination on Pago Pago, American samoa.
1.Bogdanov Mladen, YU7NU, T,G,E
2.Djeric Velimir, YZ1BX, G,E
3.Markovic Milovan YU1AU, E
4.Gekas Vangelis, SV2BFN, T,G,E,
5.Aleksej Romanov, UA4HOX, T,G,
6.Tkachenko Roman, UR0MC, T,G,E,
7.Eulishov Evgenij, RK3AD, T,G,E,
8.Vasiljenko Victor, RU4SU, T,G,E
(T-Technician, G-General, E-Extra)

March 31, 2007
Our Swains Island team members with non-USA licenses are scheduled to take the USA Amateur Radio License examines prior to departure to Swains Island.

March 30, 2007
Hrane (YT1AD) and YU members have arrived at LAX this evening and will depart to Fiji on Friday morning and will ultimately arrive in American Samoa on March 31, 2007.
David (K3LP) departed Baltimore (BWI) this morning at 5:30 AM and will arrive in Honolulu, Hawaii via San Francisco on Friday evening, March 30, 5:35 PM using Northwest Airlines. Krassy (K1LZ) has arrived in Honolulu.

March 27, 2007
Doug (N6TQS) and Allan (K6SRZ) arrive in Amercan Samoa and have confirmed our shipment of equipment from Long Beach, California and San Francisco, California has arrived safely without damage.

March 25, 2007
Major financial contributions were received by NCDXF, ARRL, GDXF, DDXG and JA1BK. Our team will always remember these significant contributions because they were timely in assisting our team in making good on financial commitments.

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Our pilots will be YU1AB for EU, KH6BZF for America and Pacific and YU1AA for YU and east Europe.

N8S team will be QRV from N8S, Swains Island and Samoa, 5W5AA on 60 m MHz, 2m EME and 6 EME with WSJT65 A,B,C on next FRQ: 50.375 MHz and 144.375 MHz
Updated Frequency table
Updated time table
Updated Donors and Sponzors list

Updated Donors and Sponzors list
Updated time table

Updated Donors and Sponzors list

New Donation Instructions

N8S team cancel activity from ZK3.
N8S will be activ as:
N8S from 4.04-15.04 2007
5W5AA from 17.04-24.04 2007

Donation Instructions

New time table

Issued callsign ZK3A

Issued callsign 5W5AA

Issued landing permition for Swains Island

Issued callsign N8S

November 5, 2006 -
ICOM and ACOM both agreed to be major equipment sponsors for this DX-pedition and loaned the following equipment: Qty 7 IC-756PROIII HF Radios, ICOM Qty 6, ACOM-1000 and Qty 1, ACOM-2000 Linear Amplifiers

N8S Swains Island DXPed March 29 to April 30, 2007. Created Acim, YZ1EW