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  Montenegro, YU6AO 2006
  Swains Island, N8S 2007
  Central Kiribati, T31 2010 (Cancelled)
  Rotuma Island, 3D2R 2011
  Conway Reef, 3D2C 2012
  YT1AD DXPed Online LOG serch
  KH1 Baker Island 2017
  Large expedition with Hrane YT1AD, team leader, Dave K3LP Co-leader and Aleksey, UA4HOX, planed to an island of the Pacific Ocean, Baker Island, which is part of group Baker & Howland Island, DXCC prefix KH1.
The IOTA reference for Baker & Howland Islands is OC-089. WAZ zone is 31.
Pointer: Lat: 0.505365 N, Lon: -176.572266 W
The expedition is planned for September/October 2017.
Landing on the island requires a special permit USFW service. Permit coming soon.
The team will be composed of members from WWDX, Interpid DXers and other interested amateurs.
More information in May 2016.